Way of the Code

Line by line, problem to elegant solution.

CLI Data Gem Project Refactor: Building CLI Menus

Although I moved on with the remainder of the curriculum that follows the CLI Data Gem Project, I was asked to refactor the menu system that I created within my CLI controller class. I was tasked to eliminate the additional calls on methods that contained while loops.

OO Ruby Final Projects: Music Library CLI

I am one lab away from the CLI Data Gem Project. Although, I have gone over it to evaluate what I need to do to complete it.

A Way to Learn As a Flatiron School Student

I began my journey as a FS Web Development student in the first week of April. I am a quarter of the way through the curriculum and would like to share some patterns that I have noticed in my learning in hopes that it will be of some help to any other beginning FS student.

Problem-Solving: Advanced Class Methods Lab

This post is a live blog post–meaning that as I work through this lab, I am writing out my thoughts and actions for this post.